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How to declutter your life?

Declutter your life! You don’t need multiples of everything. If the world stopped making something tomorrow, there would be something to replace it.

If you are like me, you like to do a lot of things.  You may have many passions or hobbies. This can create chaos unless you are very organized. Not only for you but for those around you.

The more you have, the more space you need.  Let’s face it, it’s foolish to move to another place because you’ll just fill it up again if you don’t stop possessing things. Perhaps they possess you?  The more you declutter your life the better you will feel!

Depression creeps in if you don’t declutter your life.

Depression causes clutter. It’s a vicious circle.  A  depressed person usually has a lot of clutter around. Clutter can also drag you and others around you down.  Clutter also tends to embarrass and isolate.  This causes more depression. You want to avoid coming home. So you foolishly go out to acquire more stuff? Yikes!

Not everyone is this obsessed.  However, I bet everyone has something they want to get rid of.  Or maybe they intend on cleaning out the office or  the garage but?  The but is the bad part!

There is no sense of direction.

You are overwhelmed and upset. So you do nothing. You are losing control over your life.   Maybe you’ve just lost control of your garage or office?  It’s almost impossible for you to run a home or a business efficiently.

Sometimes there is so much clutter. Not only in your home but in your mind and life. It can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start.

When you start to get overwhelmed try to think about what is causing you to be so upset. Once you pinpoint what you are upset about, tackle that problem first. Concentrate on what you need to get rid of. You either need to get rid of too much stuff or you need to take care of crucial confrontations. Perhaps something deeper is bothering you?

Don’t worry, there is help.  It does, however, begin with you.  Hopefully, you don’t have to hit rock bottom. However, for some it is necessary.  There are steps you can take which require action on your part and possibly asking someone to help you.

Declutter your life

First, make a list of all the things that are bothering you. There is something so cleansing about writing a problem on a piece of a paper. It literally takes it out of your head and puts it down where you can visually see it.

Next, just start where it’s needed the most.  Just break things into small segments and check them off as you complete the list. It’s that simple.  Don’t expect miracles overnight.

Thirdly, decide what you want to go to whom.  Make sure it’s worthy of giving.  Then deliver it, donate it, send it or trash it. It’s that simple.

Decide right now that you don’t need all this stuff to make you happy.  If you do, it may be a sign of a much bigger problem. Perhaps, you may want start looking at getting counseling.

When I was younger I foolishly wondered if I would ever have everything I wanted . Now I worry about how I can get rid of all the things I have acquired throughout the years without offending anyone. It’s weighing me down. So I’m
starting today. You can too!

Set stuff free and know that you will always have enough.  Be aware that you will help someone else by giving.  What you give to others the universe will give back to you. Maybe what the universe will give to you will not be things.  It may give you a clear mind to create new and better ideas.

Declutter your life and it will liberate you.  You will know that you are free from the weight of owning too much. The more you have, the more you have to take care of.  You’ll help others by giving.  Then you’ll have more time to devote to your business, family and having fun!


To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC


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What does “Locus of Control” have to do with New Years Resolution Quotes?

New Years resolution quotes require internal focus and external action.  It is said that 98% of New Years resolutions are never met.  That means that only 2% are actually successful in manifesting their New Years goals.  Others say it’s more like 20%.  However, without a “Locus of Control”, it is said that only 5% will complete their goals for the New Year.


====>Watch this<===



How do the 5% that have a “Locust of Control” manage to meet their goals?

There are many steps to obtaining goals.  Things just don’t happen by themselves.  Making New Year dreams come true  actually requires very little effort.  However, only 5% are willing to do the steps necessary to become successful at whatever it is they want to resolve.  Perhaps they just are too preoccupied, too busy or just not willing to change.

New Years Resolution Quotes are sometimes made without much thought or action.  They’re just made because it’s the right thing to do.  Sometimes they’re made under the influence of alcohol.  Maybe resolutions are said to please others.  The 5% are serious and take action.

With that being said, only 5% of the Nation are the doers.  The other 95% wish.  Wishing is great but what is it about the 5% that makes them able to do; not just wish?  The other 95% will make the same promise next year.  Or they will just not even plan because they know they won’t do it anyway.

Just quoting New Years resolutions will not work.

  • You have to take action.
  • You must believe it.
  • You need to write it down.
  • Talk to your self and affirm it.
  • Breathe it, feel it, live it, picture it!
  • Sharing what you learn with others will increase your chances.



====>For more information on “Locus of Control” CLICK HERE.<===



Make your New Years quotes hard to reach.  Then be the 5% that make miracles happen.  You can do anything you set your mind on and take action.

A good resource is:


To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC

Great content and the best ads get traffic to Your Website…

Best ads have interesting pictures.

The best ads keep the reader interested.

The Best Ads get the juicy hot market!   It’s not enough to be on the first page.  Your words must seduce the reader to read or act.  It has been said that the first paragraph is the most important.  If you lose the reader you lose the winning game.

It’s like winning the lotto.  The best ads always get the jackpot!  It doesn’t matter if it’s blogs, pay per click or websites.  Learn how to write to make your writing stand out. Inject hypnotic persuasive words in your first sentences and paragraphs.   Then give great valuable and memorable information.  Use a closing statement then pitch your sale, if any.  The reader will be sure to bookmark your blog or click on your advertisement.

Better copy means more sales and traffic.

  • Your traffic will increase.
  • You’ll be “BRANDED.”
  • You’re pages will rank higher.
  • Your income will go up.

Clear concise and catchy articles and the advertisements produce the greatest income.  It’s like, “The Best Ads get the Worm.”   Add personality in your own words.  Never copy someone else.  Read articles.  Become an expert.  Then form your own opinion.  Share your opinions with the world.

Writing Better Ads for capturing your audience made easy!

Great advertisers and marketers know how to:

  • Use words to hypnotize the reader.
  • Tell a story.
  • Persuade the reader with benefits.
  • Keep sentences short.
  • Use small bullet points.
  • Surround sentences with boxes in color.
  • Add interesting unusual pictures
  • Get to the point quickly.
  • Give over the top value by solving problems.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Subtitles grab attention.
  • Make content relevant.
  • Use facts and testimonials.
  • Use guarantees.
  • Close the sale.

Readers have shorter and shorter attention spans.

“Know the exact one thing the reader wants and tie everything you say to that.”  Rope them in with benefits.  Tie it in with a heartfelt story.  Give them a reason to keep reading.  Add valuable content.  Answer any questions the reader might have.  Get into the mind of the reader and give them what they want.  Find out what triggers the reader.

Writing better advertisements and content will keep them focused and interested in what you have to say.  Pull them in with captivating words that grab their attention right away.  Keep it short and to the point.  Put a box around ad titles.  Emphasize with numbers or bullet points.  Make everything relevant to the title.  Highlight your subtitles.  Make your content on blogs or writing articles around 500 to 700 words.

Remember, you need to be the expert.  Find out as much about the subject your writing about.  Never plagiarize.  Watch your spelling and grammar.    Read books and articles on how to write content and ads.  Test your articles.  Rewrite and test again.  If you’re not producing good articles you won’t be making sales.  (Don’t forget to drive traffic to to them!)  Use your own personality and words.  Relax and enjoy writing.  It will show up in your work.

Writing the Best ads and content can be tricky.  You’re not falsely misleading the consumer.  You’re just giving him exactly what he needs.  You’re rewarded accordingly.

The greatest books you’ll ever need for copywrite:

Joe Sugarman wrote a great book that’s totally awsome and worthy of reading on article writing.  For more reading on this subject, CLICK HERE.

Pick up your very own copy one of the best writing books on the market now:

To your success!

Cheryl Veon



Millionaire Mind???  How does one develop the mindset?  It takes a lot of work to think like a Millionaire…  True moneymakers are movers and shakers.  They fear nothing; especially work!!! They have a plan and go for it…  Practice makes perfect.


Millionaire Mind

T. Harv Eker
Millionaire Mind


Steps to having a Millionaire Mindset.


There are 13 steps to thinking like a millionaire.

  1. You must have a Vision.
  2. Release all Fears.
  3. Plan to succeed with a Plan.
  4. Target Your Audience.
  5. Focus on the task.
  6. Take Action.
  7. Outsource work.
  8. Network Offline and Online.
  9. Develop Your Brand.
  10. Be Omnipresent.
  11. Always Ask.
  12. Give Exceptional Value.
  13. Learn to close a sale after giving “Over the Top Value”.
You need a Millionaire Mindset to become a millionaire.  Your purpose is to be successful in everything you do. You must start believing that you are worthy of money and the benefits it has to offer and success…

A Millionaire Mind always starts with a Vision.

Visions inspire dreams. It’s that non stoppable voice inside you that says,  ”I Want”, “I Need”, and “I Must”…  You only have one life to live so follow your dreams.  Then make your vision a passion!

Release all your fears.  Look at the worst thing that can happen.  Usually it’s not so bad.  Relax and breathe…  Millionaires have fears but do not allow them to interfere with their visions.  The Millionaire Mind never fears failure.  They fail forward!

Write out a plan of action. This plan must include goals, both long term and short term.  Without a plan you wander aimlessly.  Actually sit down and write it out.  Millionaires visualize a plan then write it down.  For good information on plans CLICK HERE.

Target the niche or audience you wish to capture.  Narrow it down to a manageable audience.  Sometimes a smaller niche is more profitable and their is less competition.  A Millionaire Mind sees the big picture.  They want to solve customers and clients problems.   Make it relevant with your dreams……

Focus on your lazier targeted plan with your short and long term plans in mind.  Zero in on what you want to accomplish then go for the gusto.  Do it with Guts pah and don’t stop till your dreams are realized.

Sitting around and just wishing about it will not make it appear.  You have to take action and start managing the tasks at hand. This could include all of the steps listed.  No little green elf is going to appear with money under a tree.  Action manifests itself.

Outsource everything you do not want to do.  You can not do it all.  Trust me!  It’s a lot of work.  Separate the tasks that you like to do from the ones you don’t like.  Then have someone else do he work you dislike as soon as you can.  Millionaires delegate and outsource.

Start networking with a target audience, reliable outsourcing, and people with the same goals and mindset.  Get excited about your dreams.   Share them with like minded people.  Get a mentor.  Successful Millionaires know this!  Social skills are considered the Most important!  For more information Click Here!

Here is a great mentor I have used and learned from:  Click Here!

Brand yourself.  Get over the fears and get on with it.  Use articles, logos, pictures, videos of what you want yourself to be.  Be yourself and you will attract your own followers.   Money makers don’t care about what others think.  They present their best selves.

Be omnipresent…  Post to other sites.  Take part in forums.   Make videos for You Tube.  Get on Linked In.  Try Squidoo.  Post to Ezines Articles.  Put your brand in as many places as you can.

Ask questions.  If you don’t know the answer you dig until you find it.  Find a mentor; hire a coach.  Millionaires pay for the best advice.  They shortcut failure by learning how others failed.  They get there faster and richer.


A Millionaire Mind believes it has the best answer to the problem!


Give “Over -The – Top” value to the audience.   If you feel uncomfortable about the product or service, so will the customer.  You must believe with all your heart that what you have will solve their problem.  Give the reader, customer or client the REAL solutions to their problems!

Then learn how to ask for the money.  Close the sale by giving the benefits, solutions and reasons why they cannot do without your limited quality product.  People will expect to pay well for a valuable product.  For more on Salesmanship Click Here.  

Millionaires have many traits but these are some of the most valuable insights into how a their mind works.  Develop these traits and you’ll be successful in creating and manifesting your dreams…  Create Yourself a Millionaire Mind!

Good Sources for more information and training:

  • Secrets of a Millionaires Mind by T. Harv Eker -

  •  How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie


To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon



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Good Website Copywriting solves readers problems while providing you with FREE traffic.  This will satisfy your clients as well as the website crawlers.  Everyone benefits!

You want your article to appear on the front page of all the search engines.  You can pay for traffic.  Or, you can write good articles with valuable content and relevant keywords.  Then you are rewarded with Free targeted traffic from the search engines.

Rules for Good Website Copywriting

Use Good Website Copywriting

When I first started I thought website copywriting was some kind of law.  LOL!  In a way, there are rules or laws to follow.   You do go straight to the bottom of the detention center if you don’t follow them.

Good web copy involves Rules and Tips for FREE Traffic…

Here are some Rules:

  • Search Engine Optimization- Make keywords relevant to your website subject.  Add quality links to other websites.  Use the Inverted pyramid style.  For more information:  Click Here
  • Draw- Entice the reader to engage with your original style, pictures, and/or video.
  • Relevance – Make your paragraphs first sentences be clear, concise and to the subject point.
  • Bullets- Bullet major points.
  • Posting – Write in an easily readable, active, positive voice.
  • Answer – Answer these questions FIRST:  who, what, when, where, why?  For more information:  Click Here
  • Solve- Tell the reader How to get the solutions to their problems.
  • Value – Add over the top value to your website. Install informational links to other sites.
  • Ask- Ask the reader for a call to action, if any.

For more information:  Click Here

Additional good Article writing Tips…

  • Make sentences short.
  • Don’t use unnecessary words.
  • Make catchy titles and subtitles.
  • Write with your heart and soul.
  • Proofread last.
  • Check spelling.
  • Reread article backwards.
  • Stick to the subject
  • Don’t stuff your keywords.
  • Keep things simple.

The goal is to give valuable content to solve the readers problems.  Your reward is to appear on the first pages of all the search engines for FREE Traffic by using good website copywriting.

To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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Add constant content to your blog or website.Constant content must be added to your WordPress Website or Blog regularly.  Topic Specific Articles need to be added at least once a week and no less than once a month.   Two times a week is even better.  Once a day is excellent. Smile

Add Constant Content at least once a Week to prevent your blog from becoming “Stale”and become a SME.

You will draw attention to your blog as you continue to write meaningful comments and information.  Writing genuine original topic specific constant content will attract people who want to learn from you.  Your goal is to contribute and establish yourself as an authority or Subject Matter Expert (SME).

The articles need to be target specific and have excellent advice or .  Your objective is to teach others what you have learned or information that will help them become more successful.  In turn, you become an expert and more successful.  After all, that is what everyone wants, right?

What are the  benefits of adding a constant drip of quality content? 

There are five advantages:

  • Draw attention and get FREE traffic.
  • Establishes you as a SME… Subject Matter Expert.
  • Google Spiders Love You!  (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is a must!
  • People Love You for helping them!  You gain lots of followers.
  • People will comment and add backlinks further pushing you up the pages on Google- Even More FREE Traffic!

Google search engines love constant content with quality original information that people search for.  Your ranks will improve as people are attracted to your website.  Once people start focusing on your comments they will want to contribute to your website.  This will push your website further up the google pages.  This is your ultimate goal for getting FREE traffic to your website.  Your reward is FREE Traffic and the first page of google.  

What is an article of Quality?  Quality means information relevant to the topic.  It teaches a lesson or tells a story.  It keeps the reader well informed.  The article is easy to read and free of errors.  The visitor bookmarks your site and wants to come back for more.  People will add comments and contribute their input.

Writing articles consistently will entice visitors to comment and participate adding value to your blog or website and establishes you as a SME and provide you with FREE Traffic!

To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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Customizable WordPress Theme

Customizable WordPress Theme

Your Customizable WordPress Theme comes with lots of benefits and features.   A website can look like a blog or a professional business easy and for FREE.

Customizable WordPress Theme -Casual or Professional?

 The nice thing about wordpress is that you can take any custom menu theme and design it the way you wish.  That way, no two themes are ever exactly alike.

The benefits include:

  • The cost is FREE.
  • It takes less time to acquire a website.  Otherwise you might wait weeks.
  • You can usually find exactly what you want;  No headaches or heartbreaks!  Just tailor it to your needs.

The features include:

  • There is the ability to change colors of themes, text, background, etc. and the possibilites are endless.
  • You can choose a variety of different header and footer lengths, types and widths.
  • The number of sidebars can be determined by you.
  • The header image can be changed to a picture you created.
  • The background picture can be changed and much, much more.

If you upload your WordPress theme using filezilla or another site you can search for flexible, adaptable themes at WordPress.org.



Another way to find a free customizable WordPress theme is to go to your already uploaded wordpress site at the hosting site you have chosen.   You may already have a theme that you do not like but  you can change it.  Usually you are provided one theme.  However, there are ways to get a new theme if you don’t like the one assigned. Be sure you don’t have too much information or too many posts on it yet.

Follow these steps to find your perfect Customizable WordPress Theme:

1. Go to dashboard under blog name in wordpress.
2. Choose Appearance on dashboard.
3. Choose Themes on Appearance on dashboard.
4. Choose Install Themes-You can search by featured, newest or recently updated… Or you can search by keyword. 
There is a featured filter and you can find a theme based on specific features. If you use this be sure to check the 
Custom menu box.  Decide how many sidebars, colors,etc.
5. Click Find Themes at the bottom.
6. Choose the theme that you like and click Install
7. Click Activate-then customize by following the directions or editing if you know html.

Don’t want the challenge of a customizable WordPress Theme?

Perhaps you want a flexible theme but you want a faster easier customizable WordPress theme.   There are many available themes for under $45.00 to choose from that need a minimal amount of effort.  There are other places besides wordpress to get beautiful software for your website.

Here are three listed below:



Free Domain with 12+ Months of Website Builder


WordPress Themes

You can get free tutorials to insall your Ithemes below….

Click here for:  Free WordPress Tutorials section

You have so many options to choose from.  Check out all the things you can do FREE or PAID and have fun looking at the templates.  Remember, keep it simple to start.  (See Simplicity)   Think about what your customer needs from you.  Tailor it to your client.

Click here to learn about Widgets and Plugins!

Choose a Customizable WordPress Theme and adjust your website as your needs change; any way you like it!

Go here next!

To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC

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Small Business Advice - Balance

Small Business Advice Part 2 -Balance Your Business

Small Business Advice - BALANCE – I don’t know about you but I sure get sucked in to learning and get myself and my business Out of Balance!  When I find a really good website that really stands out I could get stuck on it for hours!  Are you getting drawn into learning and getting “Online Business Vertigo”? 

Small Business Part 2 – Balance

It’s easy to get sucked into learning.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It inspired me to write this post.  It’s only good to learn if you use it to your advantage.  However, I didn’t get done what I planned to do.

Maybe you need to change your  daily business plan, schedule or your to do list again.  Maybe I should too…  Sometimes I need to take my own advice! Embarassed  I will add learning 1/2 hour a day to my plan.  I will use the time to monetize and share the knowledge in order to scale my business upward. 

Use the “Learn to Earn – Balance Method” in your online business by putting what knowledge you acquired to work for you right away. 

Here’s some more Small Business Advice – Tip 2.  There are several things you can do to keep yourself and your business in perfect balance:

  • Put learning on your daily business plan or schedule and stick to the time frame you proposed.
  • Take what you have learned and write about it but don’t plagiarize.
  • Use the knowledge you’ve gathered and put it into action such as linking, etc.
  • Monetize and share what you learn.  Time is money and you took the time to learn it.
  • Share what you gathered with others and they will give back to you.

It’s easy to get stuck in a never ending learning mode and never get anything done.  I would rather learn than do anything else in the world and it is a great passion of mine.  However, You don’t want to be the professional student living off loans.  You want to make money.  That is why you opened a business right?

Small Business Advice – Tip 3 - 

Here is a great website for Small Business Advice on creating balance:

Click Here to learn more about Balance.

Click Here for Small Buisness Advice Part 1 

I feel better now that I just wrote this post.  I got stuck on a fantastic website. . .  This post is an example of what came to my thoughts as I was learning.  I didn’t have to rewrite what the author wrote.  I also wrote keywords in my files to help me monetize my business.   Now I will change my schedule or plan to keep me in balance.Cool

Small Buisness Advice Part 2 – In order to stay in balance you must “Learn to Earn”, keep pressing on and move forward towards your ever changing online business goals. 

To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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Make a To Do List – A Daily Business Plan for Your Online Business

To Do List

How to make a To Do List – A Daily Business Plan

To Do List... Have you ever thought about the  best way to be more efficient in any business?  Unless You have a list or a plan, there is no direction.  You wander aimlessly until the day is gone. You wonder what the heck happened?  I know, I am guilty.  

Some days are good and you get things done.  Some days are a complete waste of time.  There is no directive or boss to stay after you so that you complete your tasks.  

You need to have some sort of plan each and every day.  Sticking to the plan will help you stay on track.  It is especially helpful if you write it down.  This helps you to remember things.  It helps to make your list stick in your brain.  You still may remember even if your list is not in front of you.  

If you don’t know where to start each day, many things can happen:

  • You get busy on the internet reading emails.
  • You play on facebook.
  • You talk on the phone.
  • You turn on the TV.
  • You do other things not productive for your business.

You must learn how to make a make a to do list (plan) every day in order to be successful in your online business.  

Seems easy?  Sitting in front of a computer is more tiring than some physical work.  The demands of the day easily lead to forgetfulness!  It’s easier to start first thing in the morning when you are fresh.  However, you can do this each evening too!

Write on a spiral pad or notebook of the things you need to do for the day.  Here’s how to make a plan or list:

  • Just write down everything you think you need to do for the day.
  • Date it.
  • Then number them in their importance.  
  • Do the hardest things first.
  • Make emails and phone calls only two or three times a day.
  • Be sure to follow your own plan.
  • Cross off everything you have done after you do it.
  • Rinse and repeat every day.

Writing a To Do List or daily plan for you business does several things for you.  It helps you to see that you have made some accomplishments so you feel more encouraged.  Every thing you write is a record of what you have done if you ever need to refer backwards.  It helps you plan for the next day.  You can focus on necessary actions needed to increase your productivity instead of wasting your time on things that do not help your business. 

For more information on daily business planning:  CLICK HERE

Learning How to Write a plan or a to do list is an efficient way to increase your productivity and build a successful online business!

To Your Success! 

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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Simplicity – Focus on Making Everything in Your Online Business Simple!

Simplicity!  Yaro Starak says it simply and to the point.  Sometimes we can make things more difficult.  Not only for ourselves and but our customers…Watch his video as he explains this  great Internet Business Tip!

I think Yaro is one of the best bloggers around.  He’s so smart and has great advice.  He’s right when he tells you that keeping it simple helps you to focus on what your customer wants and needs.  In short, the more complicated it is the less likely they will be satisfied.  Your complaints and refunds will go up and your profits will go down.  Simplicity is the key word!

Always ask yourself this question;  ”How can I simplify this business and focus on what my customer/client wants?”


  • Think Relative – Does everything on this website relate to what I am trying to accomplish for My Customer?
  • Think Customer – What does the customer want and is this easy for him to use?
  • Think Fast and Easy – It must be easy for you, and easy for the consumer to grasp or use.  This is what everyone wants!
  • Think Keep it simple –  Focus on making the least amount of steps and clutter to accomplish your goals.  De-clutter!
  • Think Profits-  The easier it is the more you will sell and the less returns and complaints.
A good book to read is Don’t Make Me Think by Krug.
Click on the link for a copy.  This is a great book for helping your business grow with Simplicity!

Simplicity!  If you focus on making everything simple, relative and Customer oriented your Online Business will thrive! Smile

To Your success,

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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