How to Aquire a Millionaire Mind – 13 Steps to Develop a Millionaire’s Mindset

Millionaire Mind???  How does one develop the mindset?  It takes a lot of work to think like a Millionaire…  True moneymakers are movers and shakers.  They fear nothing; especially work!!! They have a plan and go for it…  Practice makes perfect.


Millionaire Mind

T. Harv Eker
Millionaire Mind


Steps to having a Millionaire Mindset.


There are 13 steps to thinking like a millionaire.

  1. You must have a Vision.
  2. Release all Fears.
  3. Plan to succeed with a Plan.
  4. Target Your Audience.
  5. Focus on the task.
  6. Take Action.
  7. Outsource work.
  8. Network Offline and Online.
  9. Develop Your Brand.
  10. Be Omnipresent.
  11. Always Ask.
  12. Give Exceptional Value.
  13. Learn to close a sale after giving “Over the Top Value”.
You need a Millionaire Mindset to become a millionaire.  Your purpose is to be successful in everything you do. You must start believing that you are worthy of money and the benefits it has to offer and success…

A Millionaire Mind always starts with a Vision.

Visions inspire dreams. It’s that non stoppable voice inside you that says,  ”I Want”, “I Need”, and “I Must”…  You only have one life to live so follow your dreams.  Then make your vision a passion!

Release all your fears.  Look at the worst thing that can happen.  Usually it’s not so bad.  Relax and breathe…  Millionaires have fears but do not allow them to interfere with their visions.  The Millionaire Mind never fears failure.  They fail forward!

Write out a plan of action. This plan must include goals, both long term and short term.  Without a plan you wander aimlessly.  Actually sit down and write it out.  Millionaires visualize a plan then write it down.  For good information on plans CLICK HERE.

Target the niche or audience you wish to capture.  Narrow it down to a manageable audience.  Sometimes a smaller niche is more profitable and their is less competition.  A Millionaire Mind sees the big picture.  They want to solve customers and clients problems.   Make it relevant with your dreams……

Focus on your lazier targeted plan with your short and long term plans in mind.  Zero in on what you want to accomplish then go for the gusto.  Do it with Guts pah and don’t stop till your dreams are realized.

Sitting around and just wishing about it will not make it appear.  You have to take action and start managing the tasks at hand. This could include all of the steps listed.  No little green elf is going to appear with money under a tree.  Action manifests itself.

Outsource everything you do not want to do.  You can not do it all.  Trust me!  It’s a lot of work.  Separate the tasks that you like to do from the ones you don’t like.  Then have someone else do he work you dislike as soon as you can.  Millionaires delegate and outsource.

Start networking with a target audience, reliable outsourcing, and people with the same goals and mindset.  Get excited about your dreams.   Share them with like minded people.  Get a mentor.  Successful Millionaires know this!  Social skills are considered the Most important!  For more information Click Here!

Here is a great mentor I have used and learned from:  Click Here!

Brand yourself.  Get over the fears and get on with it.  Use articles, logos, pictures, videos of what you want yourself to be.  Be yourself and you will attract your own followers.   Money makers don’t care about what others think.  They present their best selves.

Be omnipresent…  Post to other sites.  Take part in forums.   Make videos for You Tube.  Get on Linked In.  Try Squidoo.  Post to Ezines Articles.  Put your brand in as many places as you can.

Ask questions.  If you don’t know the answer you dig until you find it.  Find a mentor; hire a coach.  Millionaires pay for the best advice.  They shortcut failure by learning how others failed.  They get there faster and richer.


A Millionaire Mind believes it has the best answer to the problem!


Give “Over -The – Top” value to the audience.   If you feel uncomfortable about the product or service, so will the customer.  You must believe with all your heart that what you have will solve their problem.  Give the reader, customer or client the REAL solutions to their problems!

Then learn how to ask for the money.  Close the sale by giving the benefits, solutions and reasons why they cannot do without your limited quality product.  People will expect to pay well for a valuable product.  For more on Salesmanship Click Here.  

Millionaires have many traits but these are some of the most valuable insights into how a their mind works.  Develop these traits and you’ll be successful in creating and manifesting your dreams…  Create Yourself a Millionaire Mind!

Good Sources for more information and training:

  • Secrets of a Millionaires Mind by T. Harv Eker -

  •  How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie


To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon


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