New Years Resolution Quotes – Have You Lost Your “Locus of Control?”

What does “Locus of Control” have to do with New Years Resolution Quotes?

New Years resolution quotes require internal focus and external action.  It is said that 98% of New Years resolutions are never met.  That means that only 2% are actually successful in manifesting their New Years goals.  Others say it’s more like 20%.  However, without a “Locus of Control”, it is said that only 5% will complete their goals for the New Year.


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How do the 5% that have a “Locust of Control” manage to meet their goals?

There are many steps to obtaining goals.  Things just don’t happen by themselves.  Making New Year dreams come true  actually requires very little effort.  However, only 5% are willing to do the steps necessary to become successful at whatever it is they want to resolve.  Perhaps they just are too preoccupied, too busy or just not willing to change.

New Years Resolution Quotes are sometimes made without much thought or action.  They’re just made because it’s the right thing to do.  Sometimes they’re made under the influence of alcohol.  Maybe resolutions are said to please others.  The 5% are serious and take action.

With that being said, only 5% of the Nation are the doers.  The other 95% wish.  Wishing is great but what is it about the 5% that makes them able to do; not just wish?  The other 95% will make the same promise next year.  Or they will just not even plan because they know they won’t do it anyway.

Just quoting New Years resolutions will not work.

  • You have to take action.
  • You must believe it.
  • You need to write it down.
  • Talk to your self and affirm it.
  • Breathe it, feel it, live it, picture it!
  • Sharing what you learn with others will increase your chances.



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Make your New Years quotes hard to reach.  Then be the 5% that make miracles happen.  You can do anything you set your mind on and take action.

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To Your Success!

Cheryl Veon
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