Simplicity- Online Business Tip – Focus on Simple is Better

Simplicity – Focus on Making Everything in Your Online Business Simple!

Simplicity!  Yaro Starak says it simply and to the point.  Sometimes we can make things more difficult.  Not only for ourselves and but our customers…Watch his video as he explains this  great Internet Business Tip!

I think Yaro is one of the best bloggers around.  He’s so smart and has great advice.  He’s right when he tells you that keeping it simple helps you to focus on what your customer wants and needs.  In short, the more complicated it is the less likely they will be satisfied.  Your complaints and refunds will go up and your profits will go down.  Simplicity is the key word!

Always ask yourself this question;  ”How can I simplify this business and focus on what my customer/client wants?”


  • Think Relative – Does everything on this website relate to what I am trying to accomplish for My Customer?
  • Think Customer – What does the customer want and is this easy for him to use?
  • Think Fast and Easy – It must be easy for you, and easy for the consumer to grasp or use.  This is what everyone wants!
  • Think Keep it simple –  Focus on making the least amount of steps and clutter to accomplish your goals.  De-clutter!
  • Think Profits-  The easier it is the more you will sell and the less returns and complaints.
A good book to read is Don’t Make Me Think by Krug.
Click on the link for a copy.  This is a great book for helping your business grow with Simplicity!

Simplicity!  If you focus on making everything simple, relative and Customer oriented your Online Business will thrive! Smile

To Your success,

Cheryl Veon
CJV Marketing, LLC.

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